How to save the human race

Posted by Geplaatst door Tom Bonte On Sunday, November 29, 2009

Is probably one of the longest blog or site names you’ve ever encountered. It takes a hell of a lot of time to type, so why on earth did I pick that one?

Well, first of all, it’s a sticky name. When you stumble upon my blog and the first thing you see, written in big on top of the page is “How to save the human race”, that’s something you remember. A day or maybe even a week later, you’ll still remember that name and you may even visit me back, even if you didn’t especially like the content I wrote. You may encounter some blogs – or sites – that tell about the same subjects I do, for example, but you won’t even pay notice to its name or you’ll forget about it sooner than you’ll forget about mine. It’s a brilliant marketing strategy Toomas taught me. “What the fuck do we have to do to save the human race” may be even more effective, but I don’t want to take things too far – although that’s another golden rule to become a hit on the internet: be extremist in everything you write and do.

Next, why did I choose “how to save the human race” instead of “how to save our planet” or “how to save the earth” or something similar to that. Think about it, that’s what you’re hearing all of the time. Everybody is shouting “Save our planet!” or “Stop destroying mother earth!”. But is that really their main objective? Won’t the planet save itself? Isn’t it ourselves we are trying to save? Off course we have to treat our planet, our environment and the animals in it with respect and great care, but that’s not our number one goal as a species. We are trying to stay alive. Global warming? No problem for our earth, it has survived plenty of them before. Unless a giant object bumps into our planet, or another big cosmic event takes place, our planet will take care of itself just fine. It’s species that disappear instead. Species like the dinosaurs, the mammoth and the sable tooth. Species like us! Whether you like it or not, for mother nature we are nothing more than any of those. We may be civilized – or not? – and we may have morals and stuff like that, but in the end, we just are living beings, subjected to the laws of nature. 99% of the species that ever lived went extinct, it’s a common thing in nature. I’m not a pessimist, I’m a relativist and a realist. That’s why I chose “How to save the human race” as name for my blog. Global warming may be harmless to our planet, but it can turn out to be a biggie for us.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait till the human race is extinct. The way we all live is just retarded and we live so far away from nature now, so few realise how we should live. So we're doing great, extincting ourselves, and let's let the earth do it's chilly billy way again after we're all gone. Till some other race gets too much brains..

Tom Bonte said...

Thanks for helping me decide whether to forbid anonymous comments or not.

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